Epoché​-​Part 1

by Lucio Capece



Analog Synthesiser, Sine Waves, Oscillators.


released May 5, 2015
It is my intention in this piece to take the process of Epoché as form and content of it. I Have used a wide range of sound sources in the greatest part of it, to represent the activity around us that takes our ears and perception system attention in vast directions, generating a demanding activity. In two moments of the piece I have focused in an exclusive way in psychoacoustic phenomena, using only pure sine waves. I have tried to represent and suggest in these two specific "Brackets", the focus that we can work and develop in the Epoché. The focus on how perception phenomena happens to us. The suspension on our attention to the world´s activity in order to focus on how things invite us to be perceived and how we perceive them, is an experience that I want to offer and share in my music. I consider that we live at the moment in a society overloaded of information and that the greatest part of the music and arts works are focused on the artist activities and ideas, instead of in the listener´s experience. My work in terms of perception intends to go to how things start being what they are. In my specific case, in how music starts becoming music, and how we inhabit and share space and time when we are together. In this specific record I have used then two of the oldest and most basic psychoacoustic technics. Not trying to use them as a mysterious or effective trick to make the music special, but just as a basic and simple way to experience how our attention can be taken to the wonderful possibilities that our perception system and the world around us, can offer to us.



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Lucio Capece Berlin, Germany

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