Factors of Space Inconstancy

by Lucio Capece



Factors of Space Inconstancy (28 minutes)
For soprano saxophone, two wire less speakers as pendulums in oscillation, cassette walkman, volume pedal, 1 Flying speaker hanging from a Helium Balloon.
"In general, the perceiver controls, sifts, and corrects the considerable range of sensory information offered by isolated local stimuli. The specific nature of these “corrections to conform to reality” will depend on the unique combination of stimuli at any given moment. In this way, spatial perception tends to ensure that a person experiences the continually changing circumstances of the environment with some degree of stability or constancy.
This “realistic” perception, based on an awareness of the real, physical world, is an aspect of so-called object constancy. Constancy of form means that an object is perceived to retain its fixed characteristic shape regardless of variation in the angle at which it is observed"
Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica

Two small wire less speakers are placed in movement as pendulums in oscillation, hanging from a Coat Stand. The Coat Stand functions as a structure to hang the speakers but creates a sort of “Internal Window”, becomes a frame inside a room. The speakers also amplify a cassette walkman in recording function. The cassette recorder works in this way only as a microphone, producing a delicate feedback that I modify or play together , producing similar tones with the soprano saxophone. This similar tones produce delicate beatings that I modify slowly, in an organic an intuitive way. I can as well modify the cassette walkman response using a volume pedal, giving more or less feedback presence. This feedback is not the usual feedback sound that we know (high pitch, slightly disturbing). It´s a delicate feedback more similar to a sine wave, this is due to the characteristics of the speakers that I use, and the delay in the transmission of the information produced by the wire less transmission.
The wire less speakers receive the information with a few seconds delay, what creates an artificial reverb and consequent effect in the perception of the space. According to the place where I place the cassette walkman, and myself playing the saxophone, this delay and the interaction with the feedback changes in a subtle way, as much as the idea of the shape of the room. The difference with the real resonance of the room becomes evident each time I stop the walkman ́s function, using the volume pedal. Then I play, and the natural reverb of the room becomes more evident, becuase it confronts with the “artificial” reverb that I have been doing previously.
In a certain section of the piece I stop playing the saxophone and approach the cassette Walkman to the speakers ( 5 cm distance) producing a certain kind of feedback-noise with very particular material characteristics, determined by the characteristics of the speakers, their movement and the microphone and hiss of the cassette walkman.

When this piece is played live, a Helium Balloon ( 50 cm diameter) makes a third speaker move slowly, having a tiny propeller attached to the speaker.


released April 4, 2014
This tracks lasts 28 minutes, the Cd has a second track , that lasts 39 minutes.
This second track is based in the use of slowly developing low frequencies, that at certain points are mirrored by high pitched ones.
When I play live “Factors of Space Inconstancy” this 39 minutes piece is replaced by a 10 minutes section, also working basically very low and slow, window-shacking frequencies.

If someone buys this track, the money goes to the label that released it.



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Lucio Capece Berlin, Germany

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