Music for Pendulums and Sine Waves in different tuning systems

by Lucio Capece



I play a set of Three wireless speakers that hang creating Pendulums. The speakers hang from a string, behaving according to the physics of oscillating phenomena and move creating a sort of coordinated dance, visually attractive but that also influences the characteristics of the music.
Two of the pendulums play Sine waves in Three different Tuning Systems: Twelve Tone Equal Temperament, Just Intonation and Pythagorean Heptatonic.
The third speaker is in feedback. The feedback is produced by a cassette recorder. The movement of the feedback produces a sort of delicate delay that changes according to the movement of the speakers.

Beyond that, I play an analog synthesizer. That just adds a few pitched sounds that are amplified via a tune bug ( contact speaker) stuck to a balloon filled with Helium or regular PA.

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Music composed and released in 2013, by the label Intonema under the name: "Music for flying and pendulating speakers".
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released March 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Lucio Capece Berlin, Germany

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